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Information Commissions

In accordance with the provisions of art. 20 of Law 7/85, of April 2, as well as arts. 123 to 126 of the R.D. 2568/86 of 28 November, approving the ROF, in particular art. 125, which regulates all matters relating to the Permanent and Special Information Committees, whose function is the study, report or consultation of matters to be submitted to a decision of the Plenary, this Mayor proposes the creation of seven Permanent Information Committees , Which are well-defined and cover the most important areas of Local Government, taking into account that according to the proposal of the Mayor’s Office, the Special Accounts Commission that is set up will act as a Permanent Information Commission for Economy, Property and Personal Property,

– Permanent Informative Commission of Urbanism, Territory, Works, Housing and Environment.
– Permanent Informative Commission of Contracting and Municipal Services.
– Permanent Informative Commission of Social Welfare, Social Services, Women, Seniors, Associations and citizen participation.
– Permanent Informative Commission of Education, Culture, Sports, Fiestas and Youth.
– Permanent Informative Commission of Tourism and Urbanizations.
– Standing Information Committee on Trade, Industry, Development, Employment and Agriculture.
– Permanent Informative Commission of Police, Citizen Security, Traffic and Road Safety.

With regard to the composition of these, they will be made up of five members, three belonging to the Socialist Municipal Group and two belonging to the Municipal People’s Group, acting as President Councilman Jesús Rabasco Rodes, in the Committees of which he is a member.

With regard to the composition of the same has taken into account the provisions in art. 125 of the ROF.