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Legal Warning

1. Website Ownership

Http://www.algorfa.es, is an Internet domain owned by the Hon. Town hall of Algorfa, CIF P0301200-B, with registered office and registered office in Plaza de España, 20-03169 Algorfa (Alicante), Telephone 965 70 01 46 – Fax: 966780010 and e-mail ayto@algorfa.es

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 3. Object

The City Council, through this web site, makes available to the different users the access and use of services and information referred to both its scope of action and, where appropriate, provided by third parties.

4. Terms and conditions of use

It is considered a user of this website to anyone who accesses and uses the same. The condition of user implies the total acceptance of the conditions established in the present Legal Notice and in the special ones that can be established for determined two services and utilities. Users are committed to adjust their performance to those conditions and to observe the provisions of the legal regulations, as well as the instructions and notices that are brought to their knowledge. When it is necessary to use a password or user name to access any content or service of this website, the user is obliged to keep it secret and to make it a diligent use. In case of loss or negligent use of the password, the user will be responsible for the use made of it by third parties.

The intellectual property rights of the content, information, graphics, design, multimedia, applications, products, services and any other material on this website are property of the City Council, unless otherwise specified. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, download, display or transmit in any format or medium, including electronic, mechanical, reprographic, recording or any other means, without the prior written permission of the City Council and, If any, of the copyright owner or copyrights. Any unauthorized use of materials contained on this website may violate copyright, trademark, intellectual property, privacy, publicity, and other communication laws. It is prohibited to use the contents of this website for commercial or advertising purposes. Internet users who access this website can view the information contained therein and make downloads or private reproductions on their computer system; However, such authorization does not reach the third-party assignment of the reproduced elements or their installation on a server connected to the Internet or to a local network. Distribution, modification, alteration, assignment, public communication and any other act that is not expressly authorized by the City Council is absolutely forbidden.

The City Council is not responsible for the misuse that users make of the contents of its website and reserves the right to update, modify, preserve, eliminate, or prevent access to any content that appears in the same or close without prior notice.

The City Council is not responsible for the content located outside of its website, on the websites of third parties, which can be accessed through or through links located on the website. The City Council informs that such links and links that appear on its website only constitute information to the user about the existence of other sources of information and services on the Internet on the matters to which they refer, where the visitor may, if necessary, extend or To supplement the data offered on this website, expressly warning that this does not constitute a suggestion, invitation or recommendation for the visit of such places of destination and therefore, declines all responsibility for the result obtained through such hypertextual links; In particular, the visitor declares to know that the City Council does not guarantee in any way the conditions and / or correct provision of the services or quality of the products offered to the user, by third parties outside the same, whose websites can be accessed through established links In any of the pages of the City Council, so it will not be responsible in any case for the availability and content provided by the other websites visited through such links, nor will it be for any non-compliance by such third parties Of the current legislation and particularly that which regulates electronic commerce, the protection and protection of consumers and users and the protection of personal data. In the case of open forums or opinion spaces in its web pages, the City does not undertake to control the opinions or information provided by users, but reserves the right to eliminate those that may be contrary to the current legality, especially when Imply a violation of fundamental rights and freedoms, good practices and the present terms and conditions. The City Council shall not be liable for any damages or losses that may arise from interferences, omissions, interruptions, breakdowns or disconnections in the operation of this electronic system, caused by causes outside the City, or as a result of adjustments or technical problems of its own; As well as damage that may be caused by computer viruses and by third parties through illegitimate intrusions outside the control of the City. The administrative information published on this website is for guidance purposes only; Therefore, it does not replace the publicity of the documents that must be published in Official Diaries and Bulletins, whose edition is the only instrument that attest to the authenticity and content of the same, nor of the same can be derived binding legal effect some, The user checks the said information with the information in the Official Journals and Bulletins, if applicable, or with the receiver in the relevant dependencies of the Administration. Specifically, this information can not be binding in the resolution of administrative procedures nor be invoked in contradictory processes with the Public Administration. Consequently, the City Council is not responsible for the possible damages and damages that the use of such information could cause. The guidelines followed by the City Council in the matter of Personal Data Protection are those set out in the Privacy Policy section of this website.

The City Council reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions established in this Legal Notice.



The City Council has as one of its priorities to guarantee the fundamental right to the protection of personal data, both of users who relate to their Administration and the public employees themselves. In this sense, the City Council states that the processing of personal data that may be necessary for the development of its competencies through its web portal will be scrupulously in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 on Data Protection Of Personal Character, and to the development or related regulations that may be applicable at present or in the future. Specifically, all personal data that may be provided by interested parties through this portal will not be destined for purposes other than those expressed at the time of their contribution, according to the specific case in question, nor communicated to third parties except in those Legal cases in which such communication may be made or with the express consent of the interested party. Likewise, the treatment of the same will be done in a confidential way. In any case, the City may use the data contained in its files for historical, statistical or scientific purposes. The interested parties will be informed of the incorporation of their personal data to files, automated or not, of the purposes, uses and, if applicable, of the possible transfers of their data at the time they are collected. However, in general, all users are informed that in the case of providing personal data, they may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing to the Town Hall Entrance Registry. Likewise, the City Council informs that it has developed an internal regulation, obsolete compliance for all public employees who deal with personal data, which contains the procedures and guidelines to be observed in order to comply with the legal regulations on protection Of personal data. And, especially, information standards and procedures for the treatment of this type of data and safety standards (equipment, facilities, etc.) to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the information. For any doubt about the privacy policy previously expressed can be directed to the telephone 965 70 01 46 – Fax: 966780010 or to send an email to the address ayto@algorfa.es indicating in the field Subject ‘Protection of personal data’.